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Keynote Speakers


» Andrew Gill, PhD

(Cranfield University, United Kingdom)

Filling gaps in understanding ecologically relevant interactions between marine animals and offshore wind developments


» Cindy Hull, PhD

(University of Tasmania, Australia)

Wind energy down under: what have we learnt?


» Edward B. Arnett, PhD

(Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, United States)

A global perspective – Bats and wind energy development


» Johann Köppel, PhD

(Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany)

What have we learnt so far? A synoptical perspective on wind energy’s wildlife implications


» Kjetil Bevanger, PhD

(Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Norway)

Facts on bird collisions with power lines – have we taken it on board to understand and mitigate bird wind-turbine conflicts? 


» Ommo Hüppop, PhD

(Institute for Avian Research, Germany)

What we (should) know about offshore bird migration


» Roel May, PhD

(Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Norway)

Avoid being trapped: Theoretical foundations for avian responses to wind turbines


» Shawn Smallwood, PhD (United States)

What comes next? - The challenges of repowering














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